Archetypal Personality Patterns Indicating Nature's "Mood"

Gathering data from current events depicting human - environment interaction, the perception of the Earth by humans is scored using the One Wheel framework.  Below is the "personality" pattern of a reified Gaia projected for December.


Potential significant events December:

In anthropomorphic terms - Nature is Unstable, Unpredictable. Nature is full of surprises.  Heightened risk of earthquakes and quickly arising storms.

Possible physical manifestation (see timeline, no map this month) - Nature is unstable  Dec. 7 - 15.  Increased tectonic activity is likely; surprise storms are possible.  Nature is unusually cold Dec 21 - 27.  Some areas may experience harsh winter weather.   

Actual (by time period): Dec 7 - 15 Three quakes rattle Northern California (8).  Strong earthquake hits Northern Chile (8).  Deadly 6.5 quake strikes north of Acapulco (10).  7.1 quake hits Papua New Guinea (14). Dec 21 - 27 Snow, wind, rain cause holiday travel worries (22).  High winds, snow could impact holiday travel (23).

- forecast last updated 12/05/11; actual events 12/23/11.


How the maps are produced: Data gathered from different cities' current events on the earth, "nature," and non-human living things is coded using the OneWheel framework.  These human perceptions of nature are projected forward using our cycles methodology.  3D spatial analysis is then performed with ArcGIS which creates a "surface" from each of the attributes, and a map is generated. 

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January: Forecasted physical manifestations: Nature is REBALANCING EXCESS.  Nature shows an aversion to excess energy.  Manifestations may include extreme cold, heavy precipitation, and increased tectonic activity (e.g. earthquakes releasing fault energy).

Actual (by forecast region):  UNSTABLE/DESTRUCTIVE: Moderate quake rattles S. Iran; injuries (5).  Massive 7.2 quake hits S.W. Pakistan (18).  WET/STORMY: More snow for blizzard-weary Northeast (7).  New England battles blizzard conditions (13).  Another snowstorm buries the Northeast U.S. (27). COLD: European cold due to "change in the winds;" Atlantic current shift being studied (14).  More snow and bitter cold for Europe (24).  Other "REBALANCING EXCESS": Assessing the flood-- may be costliest in Australian history (14).  Brazil's flash floods and mudslides leave at least 470 dead (14).  Japanese volcano awakens with a vengeance (31).

-- map last updated 01/02/11; actual events 01/31/11.

February: Forecasted physical manifestations: Nature is AT ODDS WITH CIVILIZATION.  Events disruptive to modern civilization are likely (transportation, electric power, etc.); also affecting large population centers.

Actual (by forecast region):  DESTRUCTIVE: Japan volcano eruption prompts increased alert levels (1). Kyushu volcano continues to wreak havoc (4). Lava lake at Kilauea reaches one of highest levels ever (18). Snow, rain, hail as storm strikes So. California (20)  WET/STORMY: Huge winter storm threatens U.S. wheat and cattle (1). Blizzard cuts power as deep freeze hits Midwest (2). Blizzard roars through U.S.'s snow weary midsection (9). Winds cut power, spread fires, topple national Christmas tree in D.C. (20). Blizzard hammers the Dakotas, Midwest (20).  Severe storms bring tornadoes, flooding to Midwest (28).  OTHER "AT ODDS WITH CIVILIZATION" EVENTS: Category 5 cyclone Yasi to hit 26 sugar mills, 4 coastal terminals in Queensland (1). Cyclone Yasi brings devastation to N. Queensland (2). 6.3 quake hits Christchurch, New Zealand; 75 dead, 400 missing (22).

-- map last updated 01/30/11; actual events 02/28/11. 

March: Forecasted anthropomorphic character: Nature is AT WAR WITH CIVILIZATION.  Events disruptive to modern civilization are likely (transportation, electric power, food distribution, etc.); also events affecting large population centers. Forecasted physical manifestations: Nature is seen as DESTRUCTIVE in East Asia, Australia, and Southeastern Africa. This generates a DESTRUCTIVE EVENT WATCH.  Nature is STORMY in much of N. America. Heavy precipitation and high winds are likely. Nature is seen as SERIOUS OR DEADLY in Hawaii.  Increased volcanic activity may be indicated.

Actual (by forecast region): STORMY:  Powerful tornado hits Louisiana town (5). Fierce storm blasts New England (6). Severe weather flips cars, rips roofs off in Southeast U.S. (9). State of emergency declared in 4 CA counties after tsunami waves batter coast (11). Heavy rains to cause flooding in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania (9). Spring storm brings snow, flooding to California (20). Powerful storm system bears down on Bay Area (24). SERIOUS OR DEADLY: Pu'u O'o Crater collapses and new fissure erupts at Kilauea volcano (6).  Dramatic increase in sulfur dioxide gas at Kilauea (9). Hawaii's governor declares "state of disaster" due to tsunami (11).  DESTRUCTIVE: Powerful tsunami hits Japan after massive 8.9 earthquake (11).  Indonesian volcano erupts hours after Japan quake (11).  Explosion at quake hit nuclear power plant (12). Japan's Shinmoedake volcano resumes eruption shattering glass; hundreds flee (13). Radiation fears after Japan reactor blast (14). Progress at Japan's reactors; new signs of food contamination (20). Nuclear plant's fuel rods damaged; leaking into sea (21). Radiation scare sparks run on bottled water in Tokyo (24). N.E. Burma hit by 6.8 quake (24). Strong quake jolts N.E. Japan (27).  

-- map last updated 02/28/11; actual events 03/27/11.

April-May 22-- Forecasted anthropomorphic character: Nature is DISRUPTIVE OR UNSTABLE.  Watch for unstable weather, tornadoes, and an increase in earthquakes, and possibly volcanoes. Forecasted physical manifestations: Nature is seen as DESTRUCTIVE, IN MOTION in Central Asia, especially near Iran and Afghanistan. This generates a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE WARNING.  Nature is seen as SERIOUS OR DEADLY, ACTIVE in Hawaii and Japan.  Watch for increased volcanic activity.  The Japan indication may be referring to aftershocks from the March earthquake.    Nature is ACTIVE, LIQUID between N. America and Europe. This may be referring to increased ice melt off of Greenland, increased activity of the Iceland volcano, and/or heavy precipitation in Eastern U.S. and Western Europe.

Actual (by forecast region): DESTRUCTIVE, IN MOTION:  4.9 quake rocks Kashmir Valley (May 14). SERIOUS OR DEADLY, ACTIVE:  NASA studies Kilauea eruption (1).  U.S. sees new threats at Japan nuclear plant (5). 7.4 quake hits off Japan's coast (7). 7.1 quake jolts Japan's N.E. coast; tsunami warning issued (11).  ACTIVE, LIQUID: Powerful volcano erupts in Iceland (May 21).  OTHER DISRUPTIVE OR UNSTABLE WEATHER: 7 dead, thousands without power after storms hit Southeast (5). 43 dead as tornadoes pound U.S. South and Midwest (17).  Hailstones, thundershower leaves 12 dead, 27 injured in S. China (17). Thousands evacuate as Missouri town's levee threatens to burst (25). Deadly storms, tornadoes kill nearly 200 in the South (28). After lull, more tornadoes could hit parts of U.S. (May 8). Memphis and Baton Rouge brace for record-breaking Mississippi river flood (May 8). Dry thunderstorms spark more fires in W. Texas (May 9). Rural Louisiana flooded to save cities (May 14). Huge tornado leaves Missouri city devastated (May 22).  OTHER EARTHQUAKES: Earthquake swarm at California-Nevada border (17). Earthquake hits southern Spain; 8 dead (May 11).  5.9 quake hits W. Turkey (May 19).

-- map last updated 03/31/11; actual events 05/23/11.

May 23 - Jul 3-- Forecasted anthropomorphic character: Nature is SEEKING BALANCE, KARMA.  High “Earth” factors may indicate focus on Earth based events (earthquakes and volcanoes) or the earth ecosystem as a whole.  Watch for proliferation of mosquitoes, flies, ticks, and other opportunistic species (i.e. those that thrive in damaged ecosystems).   June 9-14 any event(s) likely to impact major population centers, transportation, communication, food distribution, etc. (Nature vs. Civilization configuration).  June 28-July 3 also high loss risk.  Possible physical manifestation - Nature is ACTIVE and LIQUID between E. North America and Europe. Watch for heavy precipitation, flooding in Eastern N. America and Europe; continuing volcanic activity in Iceland. Nature is ACTIVE and DISRUPTIVE in S. California, Australia, and Antarctica. A moderate earthquake watch is issued for S. California. The Australia indication may reflect ecosystem damage or unstable weather. Current changes may be indicated off of Antarctica.  Also, watch for unusual melt or ice breakage.

Actual (by forecast region): ACTIVE and LIQUID:  At least 4 killed in Oklahoma tornadoes (5-24). Torrential rains hit flood zone in S. Quebec (5-27).  Flooding forces mandatory evacuations in N. Dakota (5-31). Injuries, damage in Massachusetts tornado (6-1).  Rising Missouri River forces more evacuation (6-4). Missouri river floodwaters near Iowa town's new levee (6-15). Storms leave 300,000 without power in Chicago area; flights cancelled (6/21).  ACTIVE and DISRUPTIVE: Flight chaos in Australia as ash cloud returns (21). Report urges S. California to prepare for "The Big One" (21).  OPPORTUNISTIC SPECIES NEWS: Jellyfish outbreak in Florida (30). New E.Coli strain kills 17; leaves hundreds ill in Europe (6-2). TECTONIC ACTIVITY (June 6 - 14): Chilean volcano erupts (6). 5.3 quake leaves 8 injured in N.W. China (8). Chilean ash cloud disrupts flights (11). Powerful quake rattles New Zealand city (13).

-- map last updated 05/24/11; actual events 6/21/11.

JULY (no map available). Forecasted anthropomorphic character: Nature is extremely wet, flowing and causing panic.  Watch for serious flooding, storms, and possibly volcanoes (flowing lava).  Possible physical manifestation- June 29 – July 5 Negative weather news; earthquake risk, Southern California. July 7 – 11 Possible natural event seen as serious, deadly, and/or related to disease.  July 14-19 Excessive heat.  July 20 – 27 Elevated risk of serious flooding and cyclones.

Actual (by time period, no map available): June 29 - July 5: Risk of dangerous heat & humidity 4th of July weekend (30). Power out as Phoenix temps hit record 118 (3).  July 7-11: 7.3 aftershock off Japan; tsunami warning issued (9)July 14 - 19 Heat wave submerges U.S. in sizzling temperatures (17).  Erupting Indonesian volcano creates ash and panic (18).  July 20-27 Dozens hurt as powerful typhoon strikes Japan (20).  Month of rain falls in one day drenching Albay Province, Phillipines (26).  Landslides kill dozens after downpours in S. Korea (27).

Last updated: July 27

AUGUST (No map will be released for August, as the "not nice" theme is GLOBAL). Forecasted anthropomorphic character: Nature is Hot, Stormy, LackingHigh energy in the system for heat waves and storms.  Increased risk of cyclones, earthquakes, volcanic activity, famine, and injuries due to natural events.  Nature is NOT NICEPossible physical manifestation - August 1 - 4 Lacking, sick and hot.  Watch for more news stories of drought, famine, and heat. August 5 - 16 Water and panicLook for rain, storms, and nature-related panicAugust 17 – 26 Hot, destructive, and stormy.  Watch for excessive heat, lightning, nature-related chaos, and fires.  August 27 – 31 Active, hot.  Heat continues.  Occasional storms.  Elevated risk of volcanic eruption.

Actual (by time period, no map available): August 1 - 4: Blistering heatwave paralyzes country; stresses power grid (3). Famine declared in 3 new parts of Somalia (3).  August 5 - 16: Typhoon Muifa hits Okinawa; 200,000 evacuated from Shanghai (5).  Tropical storm hammers China coast; 4 dead in S. Korea (8). 4 killed as Indiana stage collapses in windy weather (13). Floods drench N.E., Mid-Atlantic, and Northern plains, setting records (15).  August 17 - 26: Fierce storm in Belgium collapses stage; 5 die (18).  Colorado experiences largest quake in 40 years (23). 5.9 quake hits Virginia; White House and Pentagon evacuated; travel disrupted (23). Fires devour 20,000 aces of Idaho and Montana (23).  August 27 - 31: Irene floods Northeast; Manhattan spared (28).  Mount Etna's eruption intensifies in Italy (29).  Popocatepetl volcano spews blasts of ash south of Mexico City (30).

Last updated: 8/30/11

SEPTEMBER Forecasted anthropomorphic character: Nature is Hot, Wet, ActiveHigh energy in the system allows for continued heat, storms and floods.  There is an elevated risk of volcanic activity, earthquakes, and cyclones9/15 – 26 Nature is Anti–civilization. Watch for events affecting large population centers, and for some disruptions to travel, communications, food production or food distribution.  Possible physical manifestation - (see map) - Nature is active and deadly over the entire eastern Pacific Ring of Fire.  This generates a volcano and earthquake alert.  There are indications of "chaos and destruction" for the region including E. China, Korea, and Japan.  Be on alert for high loss event(s) of some type in that area.  Nature is also active and deadly in Middle America and the Eastern United States.  There is an increased risk of earthquakes, volcanoes, and severe storms in this region.  Nature is scary in the Western United States.  It is possible this has to do with events occurring in other areas.  Nature is windy and stormy for West-Central Asia.

Actual (by forecast region): ACTIVE & DEADLY W.: Tropical Storm Lee pelts Gulf Coast (4). Thousands flee as wildfire torches 300 Texas homes (4). Susquehanna River's worst flooding in 40 years;100,000 evacuated (9).  Strong earthquake off Cuba (16). Guatemala earthquake leaves 3 dead (20). ACTIVE & DEADLY E. (Ring of Fire): Powerful 7.0 quake strikes Vanuatu in Pacific Ring of Fire (4). 6.8 and 6.1 quakes in Sept.,Aleutian Is., Ak. (14). Typhoons hit Philippines and Southeast Asia (30). CHAOS & DESTRUCTION (E. China, Korea, and Japan): More than 100 dead or missing after Japan Typhoon Talas (4). Strong 6.6 quake hits off Japan disaster zone (16). 1.3 million ordered to evacuate as Typhoon approaches Japan (20).  Typhoon pounds Japan; heads for crippled nuclear plant. (21). SCARY: Two earthquakes hit S. Colorado; rattling nerves (13).  Multicolored fireball in sky dazzles Southwest (15).  Bee attacks in California and Arizona (16).

- map last updated 08/31/11; actual events 09/30/11.

OCTOBER Forecasted anthropomorphic character: Nature is Hidden, Sick, and Destructive. Nature is primarily in the background, although it may be associated with sickness, injury, and/or destruction. There is an elevated risk for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and/or disease outbreaks.  Possible physical manifestation (by time period; no map this month) - Oct. 1-11: Nature is hot and active.  High energy in the system may enhance storms and flooding. Increased risk of volcanic activity.  Oct. 12 - 18: windy and stormy.  Slightly elevated risk of wind related events.  Oct. 19 - 31: Nature is unstable.  There is an increased risk of earthquakes.

Actual (by time period): Oct. 1-11: Volcano alert in the Canary Islands (9).  Bangkok on alert as floodwaters rise (9). Oct 12- 18: Deadly storms swamp Guatemala & Mexico (12).  U.S. Marines assess Thailand's worst flood ever (15).  Moderate San Francisco and San Antonio earthquakes same day (21).  Powerful 7.2 quake strikes Turkey (23).  4th Quake in a week rattles Bay Area (27).  Peru rocked by 6.9 quake (28).

- forecast last updated 10/02/11; actual events 10/28/11.

NOVEMBER Forecasted anthropomorphic character: Nature is Unstable, Stormy. Nature is busy with the change of seasons, accompanied by the usual seasonal weather-- heavy rain, snow, and wind is likely at times.  Unusual or increased tectonic activity is sometimes associated with this configuration.  Possible physical manifestation (see timeline, no map this month) - Nature is active and in motion  Nov. 4 - 16Increased tectonic activity is likely.  Nature is wet and stormy Nov. 16 - 28.  There is an increased risk of severe storms, heavy precipitation and possible flooding.

Actual (by time period): Active and In Motion: 5.6 quake, largest ever recorded in Oklahoma (6). 5.7 quake kills 7, injures 23 in Turkey (9). Wet and Stormy:  Killer storm hits Southeast U.S. (16).  Severe weather dampens Thanksgiving travel plans (23).

- forecasted last updated 11/05/11; actual events 11/23/11.